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December 28th, 2008

12:48 am - I'm Alive!
Things have been a little hectic for me. I've been in the fast lane for the past two months, and I haven't really had time dedicated to me. I thought it would be nice to release pent up emotions, share my day, and keep in touch with all my LJ friends.

Interesting things to point out: Within a week, I've seen two people I used to go to school with, and both of them acknowledged my presence. The first guy actually held a conversation with me, and I was a little surprised to see him at my place of employment. It's not exactly the kind of place I ever come across kids I've gone to school with. And the second guy I saw yesterday. We graduated together, and never said one word in all the years we've been to school. But then I find out that nearly two years ago - that he works at the place I just got a job. He usually only works the summer's now that he's in his third year of college, but he came in yesterday with his mom and was really friendly to me.

I think that's really astounding - how we never communicate with people while we're in school, but outside of school we start talking. I admit: he's still as cute as ever and he seems to have a great set of moral values, and he's probably nearly as shy as I am. So all in all, yesterday was a very good day.

Umm. What else? My birthday is this Tuesday. 21. Not so excited. Everyone seems to be making a big deal of it, but I'm not really a fan of alcohol. So....it'll be interesting. I'd like to go to my favorite upscale-ish mexican restaurant. Have dinner, have a few drinks. That works for me. The bar setting. Yeah, so not my thing. I'm already socially awkward to begin with.

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October 9th, 2008

10:56 am - Twilight

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August 5th, 2008

09:39 pm - Twilight Graphics

I had some issues with lj today (that made me explictedly curse it) and my icon post vanished into thin air. Poof. It will be up tomorrow, but until then, I have some Twilight graphics to share.

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July 10th, 2008

11:34 pm - Overboard
Robert Pattinson doesn't look like a powdery white, hairy donut. 

I'm officially pissed. STOP talking trash about the Twilight cast. Preferrably now. Before I have to wake up tomorrow morning and make a long podcast on how ridiculous this Twilight negativity is becoming.

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12:43 am - Twilight: TFA
Today I saw the upcoming cover for Entertainment Weekly, featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

PS. TFA stands for Thoughtless Fan Aggravation.

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November 5th, 2007

07:33 pm


If you don't know that by now, I feel for you.

Because they have been getting me through some of the worst times of my life this past year. Of course Brand New is number one in that department, but Man Orch is definitely a close second. There is just something so special about the music these two bands make. I feel like I'm strong enough to get through anything. God, do I love that feelings.

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November 2nd, 2007

11:26 am
I have come to the conclusion that I'm an awful journal keeper. Not only that, but I'm a pretty boring person. And this pretty much stacks the odds against me. Regardless, I come bearing news.

My second best friend will be having a baby girl and they named her Maria Taylor. She is scheduled to come into the world a month after my birthday. I'm hoping she's a little bit closer to mine, though. There is not nearly enough December birthday love. Yesterday, I went to Babies R Us and spent about $40 on some clothing. Since my paychecks suck lately, I'm trying to spread out when I buy and how much I spend. I still have plans to buy a lot more stuff. I'm going to buy this cute basket at work that has a lid---and the lid is covered in fabric--and it's soft. And I'm going to buy a bunch of miscellaneous baby stuff and put it in there. That way, they'll have a really nice basket to store stuff in - maybe even keep it for some baby stuff.

Also, there is a potential I could be Maria's godmother. It is down to my other best friend and me. So, I'll see what happens there.

Thank god the baby shower is over a month away. I have no intentions to procrastinate about this. I want to do something special for my friend and her baby girl. : )

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October 14th, 2007

01:47 am
Things are good. I made a friend out of a bad situation. 

And we get along so fantastic.

It's weird. I used to get along really good with guys. Then I got along better with girls. And now I'm getting along better with guys again. Guys are simple. I like it. I like being able to be simple in turn.

I will cherish this moment. As a line to one of my favorite song goes: Like all good things, they never last.

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October 6th, 2007

08:51 pm
I am friends with my best friends ex.

This suddenly makes things a bit complicated and awkward. Oops.

At least I'm a good judge of character. I know that. So, I'll be friends with whoever I think is worthy. And hopefully that doesn't create unnecessary drama. I guess I'll see how things unfold.

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September 29th, 2007

11:14 pm
This is so messed up.

That's how I feel about everything right now.


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